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Sometimes we build prototypes and wait for community feedback. Let us know if you'd like to see this project progress by following it or telling us on the Make4 Subreddit.

Make4 Steam Controller Monitor
Steam Controller Clip On Monitor

About the Make4 Clip-On Controller Monitor

The Make4 Clip-On Controller Monitor is a small 7" monitor designed to clip onto a gaming controller.  Games like Rocket League can be played in a semi-portable form factor without the input lag added by game streaming.

Why did we build this?

We fondly remember the original Nvidia Shield Portable.  It was a game controller with a built-in 5" LCD screen.  The Nvidia Shield enabled you to stream games directly from your PC.  One problem with the Nvidia Shield and other similar streaming services (Steam In-Home Streaming) is that streaming lag makes it difficult to play "twitch" shooters and action oriented games.

What was our initial goal?

Our initial goal was just to get it to work.  We were able to place the LCD display, controller board, and some adapters into a 3D printed enclosure.  Everything worked on our first run-through and we were able to play a number of games.

What's the future of this project?

The prototype currently has a number of issues that prevent it from being something that we would use on a regular basis.

  • The screen resolution is limited to 800x480.  We would like to make a version with a 720p screen.
  • The enclosure is excessively large; it needs to be reduced in size significantly.  This would be fairly easy to accomplish.
  • An HDMI and Micro-USB are required to run the device.  We would like to see just 1 cable leaving the monitor and then split into HDMI/USB on the other end.  This could be done with some custom type of sleeve or a braided cord.

How interested are you in a project like this?

We haven't done any development since the initial prototype so there is clearly a lot of room for improvement.  Please Follow the project so that we'll know people are still interested in seeing it developed.



Status - Proof of Concept

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    We launched the project page for the Make4 Controller Monitor today.  Follow this project to receive updates.

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