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Sometimes we build prototypes and wait for community feedback. Let us know if you'd like to see this project progress by following it or telling us on the Make4 Subreddit.


About the Make4 Sim Racing Cockpit

The Make4 Sim Racing Cockpit is an open-source, fully adjustable, and easy to build yourself (DIY) racing simulator.  This project can be made for around $75 without the racing seat.  We used a $100 racing seat we found online; however, you can use something as simple as an old office chair.

Why did we build this?

Racing simulators, wheels and cockpits have been around for a long time.  What sparked our interest was immersion possible with the recent release of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR headsets.  After using this simulator in VR, we could never go back to a screen-based experience. 

What was our initial goal?

We wanted an affordable, fully adjustable, and most importantly an extremely sturdy racing cockpit.  Most of the affordable options on the market work well, but in our experience, always felt somewhat unstable.  They seem to be prone to twisting, rattles, and other subtle reminders that your not actually in a real car.  Virtual Reality seems to amplify these small annoyances.

What's the future of this project?

We've acheived our initial goal with the first prototype.  We're waiting to hear form the community before we move to an official release.  An official release will provide (for free) 3D cad models, technical drawings, build instructions, materials list, and step-by-step build instruction.  We don't release this supporting documentation with a prototype because it is often more time consuming to create it than the initial prototype itself.  If you want to see this project release either follow it or let us know on reddit.  

Status - Prototype Built

Project Home:Project Page
Current Release:Proof of concept - awaiting feedback
Contributors: Ian Reardon
Discussion: reddit
Github: Repo
Files & Documentation
License: Creative Commons License   (upon release)


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  • Make4 Sim Racing Cockpit - Project Page Created

    We launched the project page for the Make4 Sim Racing Cockpit today.  Follow this project to receive updates.

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