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Our business is the talent needed to make your operations smarter, faster, better.


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From a pool of talented profiles, you have the flexibility to select the perfect fit ‘à la carte,’ tailored to your project requirements, program evolution, or even urgent needs.


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AI Engineers, Research Scientist, Prompt Engineer, Data Labeling, AI Auditor, Algorithm Engineers, Chatbot Developer, AI Trainer and more.



Automation Engineer, RPA developer, Test Engineer, Bot Optimization, RPA Technical Architect, RPA Product Owner, UiPath, Appian and more.


Coding and Devops

Python, C++, PHP, Java, Ruby, SQL, Javascript and more.


Apps Dev & Support

Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, MS Dymamics, Hubspot, and more.


Data & BI

Data Scientists, Statisticians, ETL devs, BI Developer, API Developer and more.

Is this Outsourcing? Noup!

It doesnt feel like “out”. We’re the invisible support that stands right beside you, with all the benefits of not being really there.

Delivery Models

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Talent as a Service

Talent as a Service (TaaS) is a dynamic workforce approach that provides on-demand access to a wide range of skilled professionals. Businesses can quickly tap into this flexible talent pool, from developers to marketers, without long-term commitments. TaaS enhances agility and scalability, promoting efficiency in today’s fast-paced market.

Digital Pods

Digital Pods are agile teams of experts formed to handle digital projects. They operate on a base fixed-price model with flexible capacity, scaling as needed based on a work plan. By blending diverse skills, including designers, developers, data analysts, and digital marketers, these pods expedite innovation, project delivery, and digital success.

Build, Operate, Transfer

The BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) model is a strategic approach where a service provider builds and optimizes a specific function or process for a client. During the ‘Build’ phase, they establish infrastructure and processes. In the ‘Operate’ phase, they manage and optimize it, focusing on KPIs and stability. Finally, in the ‘Transfer’ phase, the client takes over the streamlined and well-documented operation.

Finding the talent where the talent is working

Fishermans on the sea, and devs of all kinds in platforms such us Stack Overflow, GitHub and Netlify